New Ash Green Cricket Club

Tour 2001

This years tourists are :-

Andy 'Chopper' Harrington

James 'Huge Man' Hewitt

Rob 'Bath' Newmarch

Dave 'Dangerous' Harrington

Alex 'Axel' Payne

Steve 'Thursty' Hurst

Matthew 'Fatboy' Payne

Andy 'Shirley' Payne

Pete 'Punchy' Burke

Ian 'Shampagne' Shambrook

Gary 'Geezer' Browning

James 'Senior Pro' Thorn

Andy 'Son of Q' Cox

Matthew 'Quibble' Quantrill

Alan 'Plum' Cottrell

John 'Spot' Howland

Vaughan 'Flymo' John

Alex 'Lady Q' Quantrill

Tour Water Report - read it and weep!
Some Tour Recollections

Sunday 29th July Gordano Valley Away 2.30pm
Monday 30th July Coalpit Heath Away 2.30pm
Tuesday 31st July Failand & Portbury Away 2.30pm
Wed 1st Aug Keynsham Away 2.30pm
Thurs 2nd Aug Barrow Gurney Away 2.30pm