Stoner Cricket Club

Founded 1934
  The 2000 AGM 


The first AGM of the new century took place on July 27th. There were nine members present and apologies were received from as far afield as Trinidad and the Farnborough Air Show. After a bit more apologising Mr. Roberts took the chair and the minutes of the 1999 AGM were read and approved. The Bursar reported that his long suffering secretary, Miss Wendy Sanger, considered them to be 'peculiar', and she knows about such things as, apart from covering for him in the wake of his visits to Rugby internationals, she takes a few minutes herself. It was gratifying to know that someone reads our minutes even if she finds them 'peculiar'.

Arising from the minutes Connor Wilkinson apologised for not having organised a golf match, but told the meeting that he had bought a putter to be awarded as first prize. The meeting admired the tit and bat boxes that had been installed on the pavilion but agreed that in future they should be referred to as 'wagtail boxes' to discourage tiresome double entendres. It was noted that, like the hospitality boxes at Test matches, they appeared to be unoccupied.

It was agreed that a notice banning mobile phones should be placed in the pavilion and the Bursar said Miss Sanger could print it. (Block letters please, no joined up writing.)

The Flagpole Sub-Committee reported that all tasks allocated to them last year were 'in hand', thus demonstrating an early mastery of committee procedure.

Election of Officers: As last year, with the late Jim Atkinson omitted from the list of VP's and the Perigo Bros. added to the Selection Committee to provide local colour. Miss Wendy Sanger's claims for a vice-presidency were put on hold subject to her comments on this year's minutes, and the quality of the poster forbidding mobile phones.

Finance: The club accounts were approved, much to the chagrin of the Bursar, who described them as being worthy of a Booker Fiction prize. The meeting were surprised that the Bursar could read, fiction or otherwise. Jim Atkinson's generous bequest was gratefully acknowledged and had financed the purchase of a bag of cricket equipment and a birthday party for Mr. Wicksteed. The treasurer agreed to prepare an aide-memoire for aged VPs explaining the tax benefits of bequests to cricketing charities.

The Bursar's new car was discussed at some length, partly because it was large enough to carry a team plus supporters and Miss Sanger to away matches. There was some regret that he had not obtained personalised number plates.

Fixtures: As the Renegades had cancelled it was suggested that the week should run from Sunday to Friday. Mr. Quantrill agreed to do his best. He thanked Miss Wendy Sanger most warmly for producing our fixture card and said he would continue his campaign to have her made a VP, an outcome which appeared more probable with every moment that passed.

New Members included Sam and Ben Roberts, Jack Fray and the Perigo Bros., who despite sounding like a circus act had both performed with some distinction. Members were advised that the well turned out brother had attended a respectable school in Sussex and had impeccable manners; the unshaven one who dressed like a bin-man had been to Bedales.

Gifts were approved as follows:

Seventy-five pounds to the ground staff, whose wickets had produced two Stoner centuries and a game in which over 500 runs had been scored.

Twenty pounds for gifts to the tea ladies.

Twenty pounds to the Bedales Swimming Club.

Wisden Cricketer's Almanack to be Purchased by Mr. Wicksteed for the school library.


The arrival of Mr. Goldsmith delayed proceedings as he wished to return to the minutes of last year's meeting in which his wife had been described as 'generally good news'. He thought this description over-generous and wished to have it amended. His request was over-ruled by the Chair.

Awards: The Champagne Moment was a close run thing between Mr. Evans, who had run himself out in a particularly theatrical fashion, and Mr. Quantrill for taking a staggeringly good catch off a Wide. Mr. Quantrill was decreed the winner as he is a tee-totaller and the champagne could therefore be kept for next year's awards. [Editor's note: Unfortunately this ploy did not work as I gave the champagne away to the unfortunate batsman who had bounced the ball on the back of his bat while bringing his bat back from his original attempted sweep having seriously overestimated the pace of Mr. J. Jones' bowling, the umpire having given a wide on the original shot being missed….] The more knowing elder members then conducted a debate as to how long non-vintage Lambrusco had to be kept before it became vintage Lambrusco.

The Low Alcohol Lager moment award went to Colin Prowse who had stood his ground after treading on his stumps, thus showing a lack of familiarity with Law 35 Section 1(a). Miss Sanger to send him a photocopy please.

Any Other Business: Shanny was asked to serve breakfast at next year's AGM in the hope of improving attendance.

The President reported a phone call from Mr. Grell wishing members well, but in answer to questions he had not sent any money or even another seat.

To encourage Youth it was agree to instigate a Jim Atkinson Memorial Award to be presented to the player under 21 who had made the greatest contribution to the week. The award to consist of a £20 gift token for sports equipment and a trophy to be purchased by Mr. Wicksteed.


The meeting ended at 11.47 a.m.