Stoner Cricket Club

Founded 1934
  The 2002 AGM 


Stoner AGM 2002 A.D.


In the absence of Mr. Evans, who was spreading the gospel of cricket in the land of the Samba, Mr. Wicksteed was unopposed minute taker this year.


The 2002 AGM of the Stoner Cricket Club took place on July 26th at 10.30 am in the Bedales Cricket Pavilion. Those present epitomised quality rather than quantity; Connor was also present.

Apologies were received from Justin Jones (working) Matt Evans (spying) Jonathan Moseley Williams (lying in) Bruce Moore (golfing) and Miss Wendy Sanger (too chilly)

The Minutes of the 2001 AGM were read and approved with one amendment -"seven iron" should read "seven wood" throughout.

Elections went smoothly in the absence of the Evans family, Kay was re-elected president by acclaim. Harold Butler and Anthony Gillingham were removed from the VPs as they were respectively lost without trace/deceased. In passing (as it were) it was noted that Anthony had attended Stoner Weeks regularly for more than 50 years and had a bench as well as a red oak planted in his memory. It was felt that the colour of his oak was appropriate and members were comforted to know that it was unlikely to exceed 20 meters when mature, whereas the English oak in Benn's memory could reach 45 meters so his view of the cricket would not be obsructed.

Matthew Quantrill was elected secretary, Mr. Roberts Team Secretary (with help from Ollie Housden) and Treasurer. Mr. Julienne Allen was keen to take over the Goodwood game for reasons no one could explain, but such enthusiasm was obviously to be encouraged.

The Secretary reported that Bruce Moore was soon to retire from his job as Bursar - no one was surprised as golf has been making growing demands on his time for some years; on balance he was probably lucky not to have been rumbled earlier. Mr. Roberts informed the meeting that Bruce had been presented with a very expensive framed picture of the Pav with a white picket fence, in exchange he had promised to put in a good word with his successor. The meeting suggested that something along the following lines might be appropriate: "Stoner Cricket Club should be encouraged in every way possible. They do much to enhance the good name of the school locally (particularly in the ale-houses) and are a valuable source of additional income for the school (one year they donated 1-7s-8d to an appeal for a new Bursar's car), they regularly give books to the library and one of them once sent a child to Dunhurst. You will find them unfailingly charming and a great pleasure to work with (apart from Matt Evans)."

The Treasurer reported that the club was "just about solvent". There was some discussion regarding young OB's inability to pay a match sub or buy beer - the fact that they had been to Bedales suggested that their parents must be stonking rich, but little of their wealth appeared to trickle down. Older members could continue to expect to subsidise the young and subscription rates should remain.

The fixtures secretary was asked to notify those clubs who always played at Bedales that in future they would be asked for 50 to cover teas, new ball, swimming pool etc. Teams who played Home/Away to pay 25.

The following gifts were approved:

1) Bottle of wine for George Ives for unlocking the swimming pool (sometimes).

2) 75 in used notes for the ground staff.

3) 20 to Bedales swimming club.

4) 20 of cricket books for school library.

The following Awards were approved:

1) Laurie Goldsmith Band Aid Award: for the most ridiculous injury: Mr. Derek Roberts(?)

2) James Atkinson Tankard & 20 for outstanding young player; Mr. Ben Seddon (NB last years winner Mr. Ollie Perigo had taken the tankard to France and not been seen since)

3) Champagne Moment: Will had caught the eye with a glorious drive off the back foot v Wooburn and for hitting 20 runs in one over.

 4) Low Alcohol Lager Moment: Very hotly contested and eventually awarded to Mike Russell for a quite sensationally easy catch grassed with style. Special mentions to Mr. Quantrill for refusing to allow his boxer shorts to be used for drying a wet ball and Mr. Harry Grey who took 8 minutes to get to the wicket and finally arrived in a hat more appropriate to a vendor of the Big Issue before being bowled first ball.

The Flag Pole Sub-Committee were asked to look into the possibility of a pulley on the flag pole and promised to report back next year, or possibly the year after that.

The formation of a scuba diving sub-committee was discussed and rejected. Mrs. Goldsmith must dive alone.

Any Other Business: A request to be sent to the new Bursar asking him not to double book Stoner with the Korean summer school as the President was concerned that they might eat her dog. If possible a summer school for Aussie or West Indian cricketers might help if we were ever short of players.

For the record Ollie Goldsmith (who he? Ed.) won the Stoner Golf.

New Members: Ed Ellis, Harry Grey, Ollie Housden, Guy Seddon and Will McClaren-Clark were all elected to membership.

Tea Bags: A proposal to buy 4 new tea bags for use in 2003 was defeated as it was felt this could set a bad example in the present economic climate.

Vote of Thanks: Kay, Derek and Matthew were accorded a warm vote of thanks for all their hard work, which had ensured another enjoyable & successful week and the meeting ended at 10.47.