Stoner Cricket Club

Founded 1934
  The 2009 AGM 


Stoner AGM 2009 A.D.


The 2009 AGM took place on the usual day at the usual time and in the usual place. The usual bloke assumed the chair, though in an exciting break with tradition Mr. Evans made a telephone bid for the post while tendering his apologies for absence. This attempted coup was quickly put down by Mr. Britten who was already comfortable settled in.

Apologies were also received from Connor, Charles Gordon and Mike Russell. The consensus at the meeting was that we were probably better off without them.

The minutes of the previous meeting were beautifully read by Mr. Wicksteed, vigorously disputed by everyone else and unanimously accepted.

Kay was re-elected as Club President by acclamation. The chairman, who was reprising the early days of Stoner by sleeping in a tent, chose this as a good moment to record his gratitude for being allowed to use the Presidential Bath at Rozel. The meeting added their own thanks for making Mr. Britten pleasanter to be with.

It was noted with sadness that Joan Gardener and Jonny Grell had passed away, so could no longer serve as Vice-Presidents. Matt Evans was proposed, but found no seconder and Bryan Taylor was elected in recognition of his fine work on the banjo after the dinner.

The meeting then turned to the thorny issue of Mike Russell who had been made a provisional Vice-President the previous year. In order to cement his elevation it had been hoped that he might make an absurdly generous donation to the Club; to achieve this he has provided a fine Stilton for members to enjoy at the Anniversary Dinner. The Chairman agreed that this was a step in the right direction but thought that the gift should be repeated in what he described as “perpetuity” (he's a lawyer), he also pointed out that it would be the work of moments to set up a trust to make sure that in the event of any tragedy overtaking Mr. Russell the Stiltons would still be forthcoming. He offered to draw up the necessary agreements for a small fee. (He's a lawyer.)

Matthew Quantrill, the internet Lothario, (and also a lawyer) was returned as Webmaster, Fixtures and Fittings. Mr. Roberts as Secretary, Treasurer and Selector and Mr. Wicksteed was elected to a new post as Honours Secretary with special responsibility for overseeing progress on the Russell/Stilton front. He gave notice that he was happy to consider any cash for honour proposals members might like to put forward.

The Treasurer reported that at the beginning of the week the Club had a balance carried forward of £535.68p but this had received a bit of a caning during the Anniversary Celebrations. The Dinner had just about broken even, and many thanks were due to The President who had masterminded the commemorative mugs which were virtually sold out. In short we were just about solvent and he proposed that subs and match levies should remain unchanged but visitors teas increased to £3.50 per head.

Proposed and agreed to give cash gifts to Dave Greenman for his help with the Pig Roast and much else and to the Groundsmen, and to the School a Bat Box for the use of bats and a dozen pairs of white socks for the use of the Bedales 1st XI. (NB Neither the bat nor the box to be confused with the cricket equipment of the same name.)

Other matters discussed included reduced subscriptions for OAPs and payment of expenses to Vice-Presidents including claims for mortgage relief for those claiming a tent as their main residence. These knotty questions were referred to the Flag Pole Sub-committee who were asked to report back at their leisure.

Sam Roberts won the Champagne Moment award for taking a stunning catch in the covers, using his right hand only. The ball was, according to Sam, both wet and slippery which made his achievement all the more remarkable. Justin Jones won the duck of the week award, but as it could not be decided which of three consecutive zeros was most deserving he also received the Low Alcohol Lager Award. The Laurie Goldsmith Memorial Band Aid Award went to the eponymous member himself who contrived to be absent throughout the week having his teeth fixed.

The fixtures to remain as before. No new members.

Any other business rumbled on until opening time and the following issues received an airing. The Australian Lady who umpired briefly not felt quite up to the job (it simply cannot be done from wide long on). Colin Baty commissioned to obtain a dozen umpires coats at £6 each emblazoned with Stoner's name. Chris Bott to be asked for babysitting fees due to those who spent the afternoon wheeling baby Bott around the perimeter. The possibility of a letter of appreciation to Barry for bringing has bat detector to dinner and providing The President with one of the high points of her week. Derek authorised to investigate an increase in beer from one to two barrels.

The Meeting closed at 11.40.

The Meeting reconvened at 11.41 to record our thanks to the Tea ladies for some truly memorable teas which made it much easier for the Fixtures Secretary to keep teams coming to play us.

The Meeting closed again at 11.50 when eulogies re sandwiches had run their course.