Stoner Cricket Club

Founded 1934
  The 2010 AGM 


Stoner AGM 2010 A.D.


The 2010 AGM was held outside the marquee at some time around 10.00 on Friday July 23rd 2010. Present were the President, the Bursar, Connor, Gordon Dale, Sam Roberts, Derek Roberts, Matt Evans, Alastair Britten, Matthew Quantrill, Sarah Roberts and (eventually) Rollo Wicksteed and Laurie Goldsmith.

Despite not being present Rollo Wicksteed was elected minute taker. Absence has not hindered Stoner minute takers in the past, so the official minutes may well become available in due course, but for now these unofficial ones from the secretary's notes will have to suffice.


Laurie Goldsmith and Rollo Wicksteed both apologised for lateness.
Charles Gordon apologised for absence.
Matt Evans and the Bursar apologised for lateness.
Mike Russell did not apologise.
Olly Green did not apologise, but was excused due to sandwich making duties.
Dylan Pearson's absence was explained, but he did not offer an apology.

Minutes of the 2009 AGM were postponed pending the arrival of Mr. Wicksteed.

Officers President: The President was nominated and elected uncontested. (Despite the presence of Matt Evans.)

Vice-Presidents: Mike Russell had provided Stilton as a “bribe”, but charged for cheddar, biscuits, grapes and butter. He had also heckled the vice-president's speech. The meeting was very doubtful that bribery should be rewarded, but did note that the President had enjoyed stilton for the first time in 90 years. As a result it was felt that Mr. Russell merited a step up from “provisional” and he was awarded the title of “vice-president in waiting”. The Honours Secretary was to write to Mr. Russell to confirm his status and thank him for the stilton.

Justin Jones was discussed, on the basis of having ended a run of more than 100 consecutive Stoner games, having organised the school game for many years and nearly killing Connor. Despite this last failure and a failure to find a suitable rhyming eulogy he was elected in the absence of any serious opposition.

At this point the meeting adjourned for 10 minutes to watch Mr. Wicksteed slowly sauntering across the tennis courts.

Shortly afterwards Laurie Goldsmith also arrived.

Matt Evans was not elected a vice-president on the grounds that if he were then Connor would also have to be elected.

Secretary: Matthew Quantrill was re-elected before he had a chance to protest.

Team Secretary: Derek Roberts was noted to be the same age as last year, so could not resign on grounds of age. However it was felt that some assistance was ideally needed locally, and in making contact with younger generations.

At this point Mr. Wicksteed read the minutes of the 2009 AGM. There followed a hot debate on what Colin Baty had been asked to do – obtain umpires coats or caps – and how many. No other matters seemed to arise, so the minutes as amended were agreed.

Treasurers Report

Due to profit from mugs (porcelain rather than human) the club was said to be “very solvent”. Matt Evans asked if there was a mug insurance policy, as he had broken one. There were two mugs left, which were to be sold at a premium due to the fact they are now scarce. It was noted that expenditure on cups and assistance with teas may make a dent in the finances this year, and that subs takings were down.

Gifts of £100 to Kitchen staff for function assistance, and £50 to groundsman, who had been left in the lurch, were agreed. After some discussion it was agreed that the school would be offered a contribution to the cist of a groundsman course.

Treasurers report was accepted other than the spelling of Wicksteed. Laurie questioned the absence of fixture cards costs, and the small print was pointed out saying the school had done it. Laurie apologised for his reading, for which his schooling was blamed.

Derek Roberts was re-elected as treasurer.


Once the chairman (who was probably Alastair Britten, though there is no record of his being elected) had found the nominations hidden under the daily Telegraph the following awards were discussed and decided:

Champagne Moment: Sam Roberts was nominated for a back handed pick up and throw while walking round the boundary (not actually playing) without spilling a drop of his pint. Matthew Quantrill reverse sweeping Connor for 4 was dismissed as too easy, and he was in any event disqualified because he doesn't drink champagne. The Senior Vice Presidents then exerted considerable pressure to choose Sam on the grounds that they could bully him into letting them drink the champagne, and that he hadn't yet played any cricket, and the meeting duly caved in.

Low Alcohol Lager moment: The Quantrill/Grocock umpiring incident was dismissed on diplomatic grounds. Paul Bradley was discussed for a selection of dropped catches but felt to have redeemed himself by actually holding some. The criteria was changed to a vote on who the meeting wanted to win the award then a debate on the reason they should get it, and Connor duly won the award for his appearance at the AGM with a jacket over [something I can't read] and an unpaid for cap on his head.

Duck Cup: In a strong field Steep CC (a number of collective ducks) and Gordon Dale (run out without facing) were prominent, but the award went to the Hutt family for both being out first ball during the course of a hat trick being taken by C.Vincent's XI.

Band Aid Award: There were many nominations, and the perennial winner Laurie Goldsmith was immediately discounted on the grounds that he had played all week despite suffering early warnings of incipient injuries. The award went to Justin Jones for his spectacular exit from the week.

New Members

Jack Norman was elected. There were no other candidates.


Carpe Diem have pretty much run their course with most of their regulars retired. Possible alternatives were discussed and at the time of writing a replacement fixture has been arranged with the Forty Club.

At this point the Bursar suddenly left the meeting.

Any Other Business

Caps (or it may be Cops or Cups, my writing isn't very clear): Derek said he was sitting on £150 worth of caps/cops/cups. There was a debate on whether to award some, or sell them. It was decided to sell them at £15 as not enough senior players were likely to earn an awarded one.

Ground: Gordon Dale is liaising with groundsman over work on square. The Bursar is to speak to his successor as well to try and ensure money is aimed in the right direction, and Stoner are to offer their experience/advice. Gift to school of assistance with groundsman's course.

Players: Despite numerous people apparently interested very few players, especially younger players, are actually playing. After a few good years the last two or three have seen a real struggle to raise sides. There are known to be several regular sides associated with Bedales – Gentlemen of Bedales, and teams run by Jo Banks, Julien Allen and Nico Heslop. Rollo Wicksteed is to write to them to try and raise awareness. Ben Seddon was asked to assist with the team Secretary role (but unfortunately ahs already had to resign due to a move to Scotland).

Teas: vote of thanks to all tea ladies for another splendid year.

Golf: Connor was asked by the Bursar not to speak about the golf or the missing trophy.

The meeting closed at 11:48