Stoner Cricket Club

Founded 1934
  The 2012 AGM 


Stoner AGM 2012 A.D.


The 2012 AGM was held outside the marquee at some time around 10.00 on Friday July 27th 2012.


The 2012 AGM took place on July 27th in bright sunshine and gathering gloom about the Club's future. There were some dozen members present, possibly under the illusion that, should the Club be wound up, there might be a distribution of assets.

Mr Britten, with all the assurance of one born to lead, assumed the Chair, as has become his custom. His proposal that last year's minutes should be taken as read was vigorously opposed by Mr Quantrill who reported that he had spent many long winter evenings writing them and felt that they deserved a wider audience. Members who had sat through many long summer afternoons watching him batting had their doubts but were enthralled at his report which was everything they could have hoped for.

Apologies for absence were received from Connor who had gone camping with some delinquent teenagers in Wales, and from Mr Gordon who had muttered something at the Dinner which could have been an apology but was possibly a touch of colic.

Matters arising from the minutes confirmed that Stoner, and individual contributions from members, had contributed £225 to the Sam Banks Memorial Fund. The President and Mr Wicksteed had been invited to tea at The Headmaster's house where they had been pleased to meet Mr Allan Hepburn. Mr Hepburn had for many years been Stoner's Treasurer, but not been sighted since failing to submit the Club's 1959 Accounts It thus came as something of a surprise to find him spearheading the school's fundraising activities. The President said biscuits had also been provided (by The Headmaster) but could not remember what kind (possibly Jammy Dodgers).

Mr Quantrill told the meeting that before being allowed to camp the school had asked for a mugshot for their records – this should be available as a poster in time for Christmas. Some discussion ensued re the possibility of Connor and his friends being allowed to camp if photographs were made available.

“The Future of Stoner Cricket Club” has been a popular agenda item for many years and 2012 will go down as a vintage year. A selection of messages from absent members in responses to a pessimistic circular included the following: Mike Ashken was “saddened”, Charles Cecil was “sorry”, Laurie Goldsmith “concerned”, and Matt Evans “candescent” The Odell family had “talked together” and both Will Freeborough and Hugo Burge confessed to being “in love” (with Stoner not each other).

The Treasurer pointed out that deeply moved as he was none of this solved the problems of The President moving to a smaller Presidential Palace or he and his family taking up boating. If the Club was to survive others would have to take on some, if not all, of the jobs that had fallen to the Roberts/Bennett families for the last couple of decades.

In response Mr Evans offered to become Tea Co-ordinator (provided he could feature on the Fixture Card). Paul Bradley agreed to continue as Team Secretary and to contact Bedales Gentlemen and various OB cricketers such as Joe Banks and Julien Allan both of whom allegedly ran occasional cricket teams.

Whilst these offers went someway towards relieving Derek of his responsibilities it still left much to be done. However The President expressed the hope that Stoner would continue in some form and Mr Britten concluded the discussion by decreeing that everything had been sorted to his satisfaction.

The Club Officers were re-elected en bloc and the President thanked for her “moral guidance” (my notes neglect to record who she had guided – presumably not Mr Britten). It was agreed unanimously that Mr Russell should continue as Club Cheesemonger but remain on the Vice Presidential Waiting List.

The Treasurer reported that the Club was “roughly solvent” and members expressed dismay that the Accounts were printed on such high grade, and no doubt costly, hammered vellum paper. Mr Evans said that on a recent visit to W.H.Smith he had purchase 50 shades of grey at minimal cost (three for the price of one).

Gifts were approved for Dave Greenman £100, Dan Greenman £50, Linda £100 and Mr Wicksteed undertook to buy a book for the school library, possibly one of Mr Evans' rejects if he had finished looking at the pictures.

The Annual Awards went to Justin Jones for two ducks, the Champagne Moment to a dog called “Skid” trained by Biddy, and both the Band Aid Award and Low Alcohol Moments to Laurie Goldsmith. Mr Quantrill said he had caught a Cambridge Blue and Mr Britten said “so what” he had seen a “bronze coloured “ moth on his way back from The Harrow.

Jonh Cosgrove was elected as a new member and The Forty Club given a final chance to raise a full team next year.

The meeting ended shortly before opening time.