Stoner Cricket Club

Founded 1934
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Welcome to the home page of Stoner Cricket Club. This site is mainly intended to keep members and friends in touch but for newcomers the next paragraph contains a brief history of the Club; for everyone else, skip to the links at the top.

Stoner Cricket Club was founded in 1934 by J G Atkinson, H E W Bennett and O J Fox with the aim of providing cricket at the end of the Summer Term for pupils, staff and friends of Bedales School, Steep, Petersfield, Hampshire. For over 75 years the Club has provided serious but friendly cricket for many generations of pupils, old boys, staff and friends of Bedales School. The Club currently runs a game against the School on Parents Day each year and a cricket week at the end of July playing mainly in the pleasant surroundings of the Memorial Pitch at Bedales. Any Old Bedalians who are interested in playing or supporting are welcome to contact us.

This site will largely be made up from the contributions of members. Should you wish to send us any sort of item connected with Stoner, such as match reports, anecdotes, memories of great Stoner Members of the past or anything else please do so and we will put it on the site. We hope to post reports of this years' week, but we rely on members to provide us with a historical record.

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